E-marketing services from Mash Media

E-Marketing: It is the most modern means of marketing in the world, which means the use of different internet means to market your products or services, and it is also known by several other names such as digital marketing or internet marketing, and it helps Seo and Social Media and advertising sites and advertisements paid from Google and Facebook to develop companies and institutions quickly It makes her develop her activity and increase her sales. Through it you can open new channels to attract customers and reach the largest possible number of consumers for your product not only on the local scale but on a large scale globally, through the marketing process you can reach anywhere in the world while you are in your place. E-marketing also provides the targeting process that cannot be controlled in traditional marketing because by any correct targeting method you can easily define the target segment by age, country, gender and other elements through which you can reach the target segment. There are many sites and companies that provide e-marketing services via the Internet and these companies work to market your product or service through any of the previous means of marketing, according to the needs of your product and according to the target segment of customers. And any project, whether big or small, needs e-marketing and presence on the Internet through a website or social media pages, and this is because of the technological development that has made these sites so important in our daily life, so no entity, big or small, can dispense with marketing.

Advertising by search engines - SEM
Image Ads - CPM
Social Media Managing
Configure Search Engines - SEO
Planning, Training & Consulting

Planning, Training & Consulting

Here at Shopping, we offer you strategic plans or our training or consulting services, which in turn helps you to reach your marketing goals in a clear and specific time frame. For easy follow-up and knowledge of appropriate steps to influence the various digital marketing platforms. In addition to monitoring the strength of your promotional campaigns or your content and measuring and improving ROI indicators.

Social Media Management

Social network management Professional management includes: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Designing visual identity on social media and banner design
  • Writing and filling content continuously
  • Respond to customers and followers
  • Writing reports, studying competitors, and making special reports on how to use the content to attract potential visitors and clients
  • Bringing true followers and fans in innovative and sound ways 100%

Advertising By Search Engines - SEM

Targeting those searching for specific words through search engines, where it is considered the first and most effective source to target customers very precisely, and your ad appears at the top of the search page Google distinctively supported with the address, mobile number and benefits

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Appearing in the first results naturally in Google when searching for your product or services that you provide may provide you with a very big opportunity to develop your business. For example, when you appear as the first travel agency proposed by Google on the first page, you may get more than 35 thousand visitors per month if contracted 1% Only visitors, i.e. 350 customers per month, only by appearing in the first result in Google

Image Ads - CPM

Animated image ads (banners) on the following networks: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, ads for large Arab sites and forums in the Google Advertising Network, such as Madam Forums, Hawa World. You can achieve many great features such as:

Achieve a wide and effective spread at very economical prices compared to traditional advertising methods Lower price than regular ads. Lower price than regular ads Interactive mobile ads You can display your products through interactive mobile ads through which you can display your products Careful targeting by age, gender, residential area of interests Careful targeting, by age, gender, residential area of interests