E-commerce web design

eCommerce website or the electronic store is your renewed window to the world of marketing and remote selling through the internet where the technologies have developed in our present time more than before, then the communication has become closer and closer .. and the spread is faster especially with the social networking sites .. and the trade is easier.. through access To the largest segment of customers We provide you with all integrated solutions for the eCommerce website through experience in the field of eCommerce website! We provide you with everything you need to shop and sell your products online and all shipping solutions and receive your money we offer you a complete eCommerce website
Management of all contents of the online store
Comprehensive management of site sections and product sections and the ability to add an infinite number of sections.
Outstanding management of products and the ability to add fields specific to each product to display its features and contents.
Adding product-specific images (open number of images), with the ability to arrange images and display them.
The ability to add explanatory videos to the products to give the customer all the information about the product.
The ability to place any product in more than one of the different product sections.
Full control of the advertising banners and advertising slides with ease.
The ability to add a different banner within each section of the site separately.
Various designs and various forms of Sliders from within the control panel.
The ability to add images, videos, and text inside to Sliders from the control panel.
The possibility of placing products in the electronic store are files that can be downloaded after purchase, as is the case in electronic stores specialized in selling electronic books and publishing house sites.
The design of the online store is compatible with the search engines and provide all fields designated for that, such as description and keywords for the site in general and for each section and for each product separately.
 The online store is compatible with all browsers, all devices, such as iPhones, tablets, and different types of screens.
 Strong and complete protection for electronic store files, comprehensive encryption of passwords, user information and all data entered in the store.
Connect the online store in more than one way to buy (pay on delivery - buy by visa or MasterCard - Paypal - more than 80 other methods).
Automatically add the shipping cost to the purchase invoice, depending on the country, weight, or number from the store’s control panel

The summit was issued and appeared in the first search results through the design and programming of electronic stores compatible with search engines

We design your store according to the rules of engines to help your customers find your products by quickly archiving the site so that you get all powers to put words and semantic phrases with each product and every section of the site as well as alternative texts of product images in order to tell search engines that you exist and that you have what your customers are searching for

Comprehensive statistics and reports for the site contents
Comprehensive and accurate reports of the site's products and purchase orders.
Comprehensive statistics and reports on e-store visits.
Statistics of the words and products that visitors searched for.
Accurate follow-up and statistics for all purchase invoices on the site.
  An evaluation of the products offered in the store and a statement of customer opinions.
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