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Recently, different types and forms of mobile applications that rely on different systems such as Android systems and IOS systems for iPhone have spread widely, and the reason for this great spread is that most of the internet users have become connected to the web through the use of mobile or mobile smartphones and thus companies and sites that depend To provide or sell their services or to offer and sell their products on the Internet in regard to the matter as a technological development, and therefore most owners of companies, institutions or websites have turned to the easiest way to re-communicate with Internet users faster and better, and that is through Wills and programming their own applications.

Mobile app design

If you are a company owner or have a special project idea, you will need a service design and programming mobile applications in order to get a special application for your company or project in order to be able to communicate with your customers faster and also to facilitate the process of communicating with you or your product or service for which you created the application for that, therefore the process Designing mobile applications is a process that aims primarily at the convenience of the customer, as it has become 70% of Internet users that connect to the network through their mobile phones.

Mobile app design prices

If the first question you have is what is the price of mobile application design, then this means your search for the lowest prices in the market and this will not benefit you very much, as you may get an application that is not compatible with your point of view or has big technical problems, the prices of application design will not be determined before your idea becomes clear so the prices of applications Different due to the characteristics that you need in your application, whatsapp application such as the Truecaller application cannot be different, they differ in the characteristics as well as in the prices, so I advise you to look for the lowest price company but you must search for who can meet your requests and achieve your goal of designing a professional application.

Mobile application programming

If you want to get a mobile application programming service professionally that achieves your goals from programming this application then you must deal with an application design company that is characterized by its ability to achieve any programming idea and also has a team for mobile application design with a sophisticated and professional look not like other application design companies Other mobile, and since you are reading the article of this service if I think that Mash Media Software Solutions and Integrated Web Services is one of your choices then you should know what Pioneers will offer you in the service of mobile application programming and mobile application design.

1- The company talks to the customer and listens well to the desired goal of designing the application.
2- The specialist studies and analyzes the idea for which you want to create an application and then gives the client some suggestions that improve the form and efficiency of the application.
3- Then, the customer sets his imagination for the design of the application, then the official of the mobile application design department embodies a form for the customer’s application with the choice of colors that suit the idea of ​​the application and then we present it to the customer to obtain approval or the presence of any amendment.
4- Then after that we present to the customer the financial offer related to the application design according to the agreed specifications and the available payment methods.
5- After making the modifications to the design and then taking the approval, we turn to the Mobile App Programming Department, which in turn starts the project and then the specialist displays a test version of the application on the client for ease of making the modifications that the customer desires and after the completion of the modifications the customer receives the application or we add Customer's application to Google Play if the customer desires it.
6- In addition to providing continuous technical support after the sale.

Languages used in application programming

Programming language "Java": It is the first language of programming languages ​​that is preferred by all Android application developers around the world. It is characterized by flexibility, but you can use it only in developing Android applications. Doing Android application programming. Android Studio: The best integrated development environment for developing and designing Android applications that makes it easier for developers to write the source code for Android applications, and also allows the developer to preview its application structure on various screen measurements instantly during development, and facilitate the development of multilingual applications. Swift: It is the official language that invaded the Apple system and it takes into account the use of the latest Apple API. But despite being a language created to work alongside the Objective-C language, Apple is preparing this language to be the future language for iOS programmers, and it also excludes developers from security vulnerabilities, currently Swift is a future language for the Apple giant. Xcode: It is an integrated environment for developing iOS applications and includes all tools to create amazing applications for all Apple platforms. XML: Used in the design of Android applications by the designer responsible for this. And other programming languages ​​used according to each system.