News websites design

News websites design

You can now design a news website from Mash Media, a distinctive and professional interface, and a pioneering system in the field of designing and programming news websites where simplicity and flexibility in managing the contents of the news site with high software technologies used by Mash Media in designing and programming news websites

What is the RSS feature in displaying news on your news site?

Mash Media company programming news sites with a new technology to publish the news on your site automatically without effort with mentioning its source, this technology allows you to collect news automatically from the major news sites that you specify in advance, and the news is published with pictures in its specific sections and section pages and on the home page automatically, Without the need to manage your site, the company also offers the automatic publishing feature on the Facebook page or the group of your site, for all the news or articles published on your site.

Why choose Mash Media to take over the responsibility of designing your news website?

Mash Media company designs and programming news sites with the latest programming languages and modern technologies in a manner that suits the capabilities of its customers, speech pioneers in managing news websites, and professional ways in designing distinctive news websites, and also it is characterized by designing sites compatible with all browsers and screens of all sizes, as the company is characterized by designing news sites Compatible and friendly to search engines, in addition to the simple complete control panel in dealing, to save the customer time and money, enabling our customers to use the sites easily and the ability to add or change any of the content of the news site easily

The summit was issued and appeared in the first search results by designing news websites compatible with the search engines

We design news websites according to the rules of the search engines to help your customers find your site faster with archiving the site so that you get all the powers to put words and semantic phrases with each product and every section of the site as well as alternative texts in order to tell the search engines that you exist and that you have what your customers are searching for

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